Becoming a Sustainable Organization

Sustainable Strategy Development
Assist senior leadership with creating an impactful sustainable strategy that aligns business and material sustainability issues to create social, environmental and financial value.

Performance Gap Analysis Project
Assess current the sustainability program to better understand the barriers to fully realization of an organization’s sustainability vision. Identify effective areas and areas for improvement in order to realize the full benefits of a sustainable approach.

Sustainable Workforce Development
Create a strategy to attract, retain, and engage your workforce through adoption of sustainable strategy and leveraging your Human Capital Management professionals. Create a culture of sustainability that changes how your workforce addresses sustainability on a daily basis.

Strategic Voluntarism
Create a volunteer program that align with strategic objectives, engages employees, and builds skills.

Change Management Program
Identify where your organization is on its sustainability journey and develop an effective change management plan based on your organization’s culture and readiness for change.

Communication Plan
Identify and create an effective internal and external stakeholder management plan designed to promote bilateral communications.

Diversity & Inclusion Program
Maximize your employees’ productivity and engagement by creating an inclusive culture that respects differences.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management
Identify how portfolio, program, and project management planning, process and implementation drives organizational change and facilitate embedding sustainability into people, process, and policy.